• lengthwise cutting on multi-saws
  • soft, wet wood
  • automatic feed
  • more production's capacity - bigger feed
  • longer life
  • very good carrying away of shavings
  • smaller adhesion - reduction of saw blade roughness (thermochemical treatment)
  • load resistance toothing ( strain hardened tooth)
  • optimal sharpening (strain hardened tooth)
  • decrease of grinding wheel consumption (strain hardened tooth)
  • smaller energy consumption ,smaller cutting resistance
  • optimal choice of tools for customer




Tools for Sawmills, Furniture Factory, Woodworking companies

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We provide

  • Comprehensive supply - we produce and offer the widest range of all Polish manufacturers
  • Addressing the individual needs of our customers - we have an experienced staff of engineers and constructors
  • Training in the operation of our tools - also at the Customer
  • Commercial service by experienced representatives

Our advantages:

  • years of experience
  • modern machinery and production technology
  • materials of highest quality
  • production according to the ISO9001 certified quality system


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